USCIS is engaged in an enterprise-wide effort to improve customer service, increase efficiency for processing benefits, better identify risks and fraud, and create enhanced individual access and audit controls. USCIS’s new operating environment will employ online accounts such as those successfully used by many private sector organizations. Applicants, petitioners, and their attorneys and accredited representatives will be able to access individual online accounts. These online accounts will help applicants and their representatives access specific requirements for desired benefits, file for benefits, track the status of open benefit requests, schedule appointments, change their addresses and contact information, and receive notices and notifications regarding their cases. Individuals will also be able to submit evidence and other supporting documentation electronically. Once an individual provides biographic information in one benefit request, the system will use that information to pre-populate any future benefit requests. This will ease the burden on an individual so that he or she will not have to repeatedly enter the same information for future benefit requests.