Client Testimonials

We’re thankful for the opportunity to work with each client and assist them through the legal process. Thank you to all of you for your kind words.

“Thanks to all of you guys for your amazing level of support and accessibility. I don’t think C. and I ever thought we’d be so fortunate to get a firm that would drop whatever they were doing and give us so much of their time to answer our questions. We’re so glad we came to you folks.”

– E & C

“Peter, I also want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do for us. I hope you know how much we appreciate your counsel, and the time that you give to us to discuss cases, complications and oddities that arise. We value your insight and knowledge very much… So, thank you for all that you do for the University of Maine. We are fortunate as an institution to have such a good working relationship.”

– Karen R. Boucias
Office of International Programs and National Student Exchange
University of Maine

“Landis Arn & Jaynes were recommended to me and I found that they had a very good response time in gaining the information and direction I needed. I also found them very responsive and respectful to the needs and interests of all parties involved. I was presented with an unexpected level of honesty that helped make a hard situation bearable. I was never given promises or false hopes and I was made aware of all possible outcomes both good and bad. They allowed me to become part of the case instead of just leaving me sitting on the sidelines wondering what was happening. Their responsiveness in communication has always been good, both by email and phone. Coupled with a very attentive and knowledgeable office staff, my attorney was never out of reach. I cannot imagine how hard it would be to approach these situations without representation and I would highly recommend Landis Arn & Jaynes to help sort through the complicated and overwhelming areas of immigration law.”

– Edward Casazza

“From our first meeting with Cynthia Arn of Landis Arn & Jaynes, we were guided through the necessary steps to resolve our situation. We were very pleased and satisfied with the efficiency and expertise of Ms. Arn and the staff of her office, and would not hesitate to advise others to use their services.”

– Margaret Liversidge

“Landis Arn & Jaynes attorneys are experts that didn’t miss a shot in my case. They explained to me, in detail, all the steps and they got all of them right the first time. I am extremely satisfied and thankful to them. In my opinion they are the best you can get.”

– Ramon Martinez Flores

“We had a very hard and complex case including a whole other legal matter concerning my compromised rights with my toddler, which the resolution of my immigration case also heavily depended on. The firm and attorneys showed understanding and support for my willingness to take high risks, and they played an integral part in navigating both immigration and separate family law dispute assuring that one is not used (any longer) against the other. With good overall tactics, my committed willingness to take risks, and their truly in-depth understanding of the complexity of the situation and of my personal needs, we were able to come out on the top on both of the issues. Our strategy and perseverance paid off, and I can live happily both with myself and with my child without further fears of losing her and our life in the United States. Thank you Landis Arn & Jaynes!”

– Anonymous

“Marcus Jaynes at Landis Arn & Jaynes is a phenomenal lawyer. His expertise in immigration law is fantastic. He completed everything in a timely and graceful manner, and we always felt reassured by his availability by phone and email to answer any questions we had. He is direct and if anything required further research, he got to it as soon as possible. We have worked with other lawyers for different issues over the years, and it is rare to meet one like Marcus Jaynes who actually does the work and communicates to his clients with respect and patience. We recommend him fully and with great gratitude.”

– George and Sylvia Pearlman

“It has been a pleasure to work with Cynthia Arn at Landis Arn & Jaynes. She’s extremely knowledgeable and cordial, and has always been on top of her game. She has carefully explained every aspect of the process, and she provided a uniquely personalized service. She put herself at our disposal and was accessible throughout the duration of our case.”

– Barbara Gandini

“We have good experience working with Landis Arn & Jaynes, especially with Marcus Jaynes. He is a very knowledgeable, honest and professional attorney. We would definitely recommend him.”

– Andaleeb Ali

“Our family has used Landis Arn & Jaynes law firm services for about fifteen years. Our immigration issues were not simple, because of a complex visa situation that I had during my medical training. All these years, they have worked with us diligently and professionally, helping us to overcome all the hurdles in our way to the citizenship. They are very knowledgeable of the law, and they provide their services in an efficient and cost effective manner. We recommend them warmly.”

– Abraham and Shoshana Yaari

“Northern Maine Medical Center has used the firm of Landis Arn and Jaynes, P. A. for over 15 years to obtain immigration benefits for foreign nationals we wish to employ. In particular, in recruiting foreign medical graduates they are extremely relieved to know that we have such an experienced immigration law firm working for us. We are extremely pleased with the highly professional and reliable legal services the firm has provided over the years and would not think of working with the extremely complex immigration system without them.”

– Peter J. Sirois
Northern Maine Medical Center
Chief Operating Officer

“Landis Arn & Jaynes saw me through to the finishing line. As a writer and researcher working in an important but complex field that’s understood only within a relatively small international circle, I faced heavy challenges in developing my petition for a green card with a National Interest Waiver. Landis Arn & Jaynes worked closely and painstakingly with me, crafting a petition that delivered the goods and proved without a doubt that my work in the U.S. was, indeed, in the national interest of the U.S.

Because of the complexity of my case, I expected to be called on to submit further evidence, but this wasn’t necessary. Landis Arn & Jaynes got it right the first time. It’s clear that they know the intricacies of the immigration landscape thoroughly. Also, I felt they regarded me as an individual – not just a case file – and were personally invested in getting me what I needed.

It was a great day for us when our green cards arrived. We will always be grateful to our friends at Landis Arn & Jaynes for the pivotal role they played in changing our lives and putting us on the road to becoming Americans.”

– NJS, Greater Portland, Maine

“Cynthia and her staff are always very accessible, courteous and prompt at returning calls. The practice never forgot me or my case through the years of waiting. Cynthia always traveled in person to official appointments and was always fully prepared. Cynthia would always pre-brief you prior to official appointments.”

– Applicant for permanent residence & naturalization, Massachusetts

“I have worked with Peter Landis and his staff through several successful H-1B processes and eventually a green card process. I always enjoyed working with him. For a reasonable fee all my cases were handled highly professionally, in a timely manner, and, what was very important to me, I always knew where we were and what the timelines were. I was constantly ‘in the loop’ on everything that I needed to know regarding my case. Not all legal firms will bother to keep you informed, especially if you are a beneficiary and not the petitioner. All my questions were answered, and all the information I wanted to have and even more was provided to me. I also liked the “flat fee” approach which allowed me to have a good estimate of my fees before the case. We never went over. Thanks a lot. I am and will be recommending your services to my friends.”

– Dmytro Zhosan

“Landis Arn & Jaynes got me out of DHS custody and back home with my family. On Dec 31, 2006 I arrived at Boston Logan Airport, returning from a family vacation in Mexico with my wife of 19 years and our daughter, both U.S. citizens. Having lived in the USA since 1979, as an H1 , L1, and then a Permanent Resident, I was shocked to learn that my immigration status was in jeopardy based on a change in the law years earlier. When I was detained by the Department of Homeland Security and separated from my family, Attorney Marcus Jaynes provided the reassurance and legal advice that I needed in order to retain my status and obtain my release from DHS custody. I was scared and frustrated, but Marcus kept in contact with me and worked closely with family and friends.

Because of the work of Marcus Jaynes and his staff at Landis Arn & Jaynes, my hearing with the Immigration Judge was a success. Within minutes, I was released and back home with my family. Within seven months, I was a US citizen and safe from any other surprises. Thank you, Marcus — and everyone at Landis Arn and Jaynes. At all times I was very confident in the level of trust between us. I felt very strongly that you cared about my situation and made sure my family was kept up to date.”

– HSL, New England, USA

“They took the stress out of the immigration process.”

– Applicant for permanent residence, Maine

“My experience with Mrs. Arn was unforgettable. I will always appreciate her kindness and her hard work towards my paperwork. She is one of those personalities which I cannot forget in my whole life time. Thank you for being very kind. I sincerely appreciate the time Mrs. Arn spent reviewing my paper work and making every possible effort to make me succeed in the case. Mrs. Arn’s advice was very helpful and gave me a new perspective to make my future.”

– Applicant for asylum, now a U.S. citizen, California

“Marcus, I’m proud to finally be an American and I am truly grateful for all the help you provided. You made the process a lot easier and simpler than I ever thought it could be. Thank you. I’m registering to vote and applying for a passport. I’m psyched to be able to vote and hopefully serve on a jury. Some friends were asking me tonight why I did it and the simplest answer was that I wanted to take responsibility for who I am in this society and truly be a part of it. So thank you again.”

– Naturalized U.S. citizen

“Immigration to the USA has become an ever more complicated process, and one is well advised to seek the assistance of a knowledgeable lawyer experienced in negotiating the maze of immigration laws. Over two years Cynthia Arn led me through the process, confident, competent and cheerful, and always available for consultation. I also was left with the impression that she had the trust and respect of the officers of the Immigration Services. I am grateful for her guidance into U.S. citizenship.”

– Marlis Cambon, Ph.D., Maine & Italy

“Peter J. Landis, of Landis, Arn and Jaynes, has for over 15 years assisted Jackson Laboratory employees to obtain work authorization and permanent residency. Peter is extraordinarily accurate and thorough and is extremely generous with his time in educating our Human Resources staff and helping to preserve the laboratory’s reputation as an employer who works within the established immigration guidelines to help our employees gain the appropriate work authorization. Amazingly, Peter and his associates have come to know and understand our work at The Jackson Laboratory so well that supporting letters and materials required for an employee’s application are easily understood creating a stronger application.”

– The Jackson Laboratory, Bar Harbor, ME

“Thank you for your help in our case, our green cards arrived today and I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team for all of your help in supporting our application (in particular Rhee who provided such outstanding service to us).”

– Dr. Ian Bricknell
Director, Aquaculture Research Institute
Libra Professor of Aquaculture Biology
Cooperating Professor Animal Veterinary Sciences
School of Marine Sciences
University of Maine

“Cynthia’s attention to detail and personalized approach to our case greatly simplified the immigration process. We confidently recommend the services at Landis Arn & Jaynes to anyone in need to navigate the legal maze of marrying a non-resident.”

– Applicant for permanent residence & U.S. citizen spouse, Maine

I am American, my husband is from Mexico. We wanted to get his immigration status straightened out, but we didn’t know how to do that. We were told our case was too complicated, that there was nothing we could do. But we have two American sons together and we had to keep trying for a solution. After a few false starts, I found Landis, Arn, and Jaynes on the internet. They were the furthest lawyer away from us, but I wanted the best. They had great reviews and were recognized for their work in many publications. I was hopeful, and my husband, the pessimist that he is, was skeptical. We made the two-hour trek to Portland. We were promptly checked in, and Craig, our paralegal, saw us to a conference room and Cynthia Arn came in minutes later. Little did I know this was the beginning of finally putting our worries to rest. She felt confident about our case, and we felt confidence in her.

It’s a scary thing. Your future, your family’s future is at stake, and you need to share many things of your past that may come up. There were tears shed, embarrassments, and truths told, yet, I never once felt judged. The process is long, but the office was ALWAYS prompt. We were prepared with the next step often before hearing back from the previous. Every email, and phone call was returned, and every question, no matter how small was answered.

All of that was more than a year ago. My husband has legal status now and we feel such a strong sense of relief. I recommend Landis, Arn, and Jaynes to anyone that has asked or will listen. We both carry their cards with us. They have changed our lives. If you are considering beginning the process, then they are your best bet. We put ourselves, our children, and our futures in their hands, and would not hesitate to do it again. We can’t thank them enough.

– Dayna and Victor Figueroa and family

The highest recommendation for these thoughtful and compassionate outstanding professionals.
Our experience with everyone at Landis Arn & Jaynes, P.C. was highly satisfactory. They were thoughtful, compassionate and honest, worked closely with us, were easily accessible, kept us informed, and were patient (a big plus we think).

It is our pleasure and honor to unequivocally recommend Cynthia Arn and the law firm of Landis Arn & Jaynes., P.C.

– Jim Bratton and Drew Tait

I just want to take a moment to thank you, Shaun, Carrie and the rest of your staff for a fantastic job done.

I got my citizenship and Andre got his work permit and alien resident card. Mission accomplished.

Much appreciation and gratitude for always willing to work with me.

– Clive Thomas

Cynthia and her team were amazing during our application for permanent residence! From our first meeting with the team we had a clear sense that these were people who knew how important this application was to our lives. Put another way, they knew that we were both tremendously excited and also nervous about the application process. In a matter of minutes, we were reassured and confident that these were the right people to guide us through the application. Meticulous, organized, highly experienced, and fast, the team, and especially Craig, had our application ready in record time. At every step of the process they were incredibly patient and clear in their instructions and explanations—a fact which really inspired in us a lot of trust. We give them our highest recommendation!

– The Freitas Family

When same sex marriage became legal, my partner and I were quick to take that opportunity. But as a foreign national who had overstayed his visa for a considerable period, we faced unusual complications in securing his permanent resident status. Neither of us had any knowledge of the law. After researching what legal help was available, we contacted Landis, Arn & Jaynes. From our first meeting with Cynthia Arn, we felt confident that we were in the right hands. She and her capable staff were sympathetic to our concerns and explained the legal options and procedures clearly and professionally. They ushered us through the long process with appropriate advice when required and reassuring support throughout. We remain deeply grateful to Cynthia and her colleagues for the successful outcome of our application.

– Phil and Toru

Best team ever to work with! Cynthia is the best lawyer around ! They know exactly what they doing! Thank you very much! Definitely will recommend!

– Sergey


Typical Cases

Health Care:
Foreign Medical Graduate / Temporary Worker / Lawful Permanent Resident
Foreign medical graduate comes to U.S as a J-1 exchange visitor to participate in residency training program. Physician signs employment contract with a medical facility agreeing to work for at least three years in a federally designated medically underserved area upon completion of residency training. We work with the physician and the prospective employer to obtain a waiver of the physician’s 2 year home residence requirement, and to change the physician’s status from J-1 exchange visitor to H-1B temporary worker. We then work with both parties to obtain lawful permanent residence (“ green card” status) for the physician so that upon completion of three year J-1 medical service obligation the physician is eligible to file an adjustment of status application.

Higher Education:
Student / Temporary Worker / Lawful Permanent Resident
Recent graduate of a U.S. university with Ph. D. in Mathematic s obtains tenure track appointment as an Assistant Professor with an institution of higher education in the U.S. We work with the university to file an H-1B petition to have the foreign national’s nonimmigrant status changed from F-1 student to H-1B temporary worker. We also work with the parties to undertake the permanent resident process by filing a PERM labor certification application with the U.S. Department of Labor. After the labor certification application is certified by DOL the university files an employment based two preference petition for the foreign national who is also able to file a Form I-485 adjustment of status application with U.S. Citizenship and immigration Services changing status from H-1B nonimmigrant to lawful permanent resident.

Outstanding Research:

Temporary Worker / Lawful Permanent Resident
Indian national with Ph.D. in molecular biology working in the U.S. in nonimmigrant status as a researcher wishes to acquire lawful permanent residence. We work with the employer to file an employment based preference petition classifying the foreign national as an outstanding researcher in the employment based one preference category. As immigrant visas are immediately available in the employment based one preference category to persons born in India, the researcher, his wife and children are all immediately eligible to file I-485 adjustment of status applications to obtain lawful permanent residence in the U.S.

Extraordinary Ability:
Temporary Worker / Lawful Permanent Resident
Well known French fashion designer wishes to come to the U.S. to work for a U.S. company. We work with the parties to obtain O-1 status for the fashion designer as a person of extraordinary ability in the field. The fashion designer is later able to file an employment based petition on his own behalf seeking to be classified as a person of extraordinary ability in the employment based one preference category together with a Form I-485 adjustment of status application acquiring lawful permanent residence in the U.S.

Family Based:
Fiancé / Lawful Permanent Resident / U.S. citizen
U.S. citizen teaches in Namibia for four years. While there she meets and falls in love with a Namibian man. When she returns to the U.S., they decide that they want to marry and live together in the U.S. We help her to file an I-129F Fiancée Petition with USCIS. Once this petition is approved, we help the couple to complete the visa application and to gather all appropriate supporting documentation. These forms and documents are submitted to the U.S. Consulate in Windhoek, Namibia. Following an interview, the young man is granted a K-1 visa that authorizes him to come to the U.S. for 90 days only. He arrives, and the couple marries within the 90 days. We then assist the husband in filing an application for permanent residence, and he obtains a “green card” (permanent resident card.) This initial “green card” is valid for 2 years. Just prior to the 2-year anniversary, we assist the couple in filing the I-751 Petition to Remove Conditions on Residence, after which the husband receives a green card valid for 10 years, which is renewable. Finally, after 3 years of permanent residence, the foreign national spouse is eligible to apply to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization. It is uniquely rewarding to work with a couple from the early stages of their relationship through naturalization of the foreign national spouse.

Refugee / Lawful Permanent Resident
A 60-year-old woman and her two adult daughters come to the U.S. as refugees from Iraq. After one year in the U.S. they decide to apply for lawful permanent residence. We assist them in completing the applications for permanent residence. Since these applications take approximately six months to process, we also help them file the separate applications for work authorization and travel permission, which will allow them to work and travel while their permanent residence applications are pending. Once their permanent residence is granted, they no longer need separate work and travel authorizations.

Refugee / Lawful Permanent Resident / Naturalization with Disability Exception
An elderly Cambodian man came to the U.S. several years ago as a refugee. He subsequently obtained permanent resident status. Now he wants to become a U.S. citizen, and he and his adult daughter come to see us for assistance. Part of the process of applying to become a U.S. citizen through naturalization involves a test of the applicant’s ability to read, write and speak English, and his/her knowledge of U.S. history and government. Unfortunately, our client has developed dementia, which makes it impossible for him to learn new material. It is important to him and to his family that he become a U.S. citizen, and they are not sure what to do. Working with the client’s physician, we research the client’s medical diagnosis and the tests that were used to reach that diagnosis. We also explore with the physician whether the client’s disability makes it simply difficult, or actually impossible, for him to learn. In this case, the client is actually unable to learn new information. We then assist the physician in properly completing the medical disability exception paperwork to be submitted in connection with the naturalization application. The waiver is granted, which means that despite his disability, our client is able to become a U.S. citizen.