Our hearts go out to the individuals, families, communities, and institutions affected by the devastating impact that COVID-19 is currently having in India. As we watch this terrible situation unfold – although it may not be necessary given the widespread media coverage of India at the present time – we are issuing this post as an additional reminder of the Presidential Proclamation issued on Friday, April 30, suspending entry of certain nonimmigrant travelers to the U.S. who have been physically present in India, which will go into effect at 12:01 am EDT on Tuesday, May 4, 2021. We strongly advise against travel to India now or in the near future given the new suspension of entry; the limited-to-none status of consular operations throughout India; inefficiencies, inconsistencies, and delays in the handling of exceptions to the travel suspension; and the possibility that India may close its borders to entries and exits at any time. If anyone feels that travel to India is absolutely necessary, we suggest contacting our office to discuss this before departing.

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